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Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

MY grandfather just died

My Mom called me half an hour ago to tell me my grandfather just died. 

So I´ll do the course tommorow (work is the best way to keep me not thinking of things, plus he was allways so proud of my pin up pics - he wouldn´t want me to cancel) and Sunday I´ll head off to home. I already talked to the lady that rents the apartment to us in Stockholm and she´s ok with us delaying a bit. We try to call the airport to delay it till after the funeral, too. 

I´m still in shock and try to think reasonable. The irony is that he was hypochondric and cried out "I get a heart-attack, I get a heart attack" at least once a day. The worst: My Mom and my aunt had a horrible fight with him just a few days ago and at least my Mom didn´t see him again after that. My great-grandmother (soon to be 99 years) lost her only child.

In Memorial of Paul - boy was he a playboy in his youth.

Mom will stay with my great-grandma tonight

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