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Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

Rheinbach Classics and more

So this Sunday I´ll go to a event a workmate of mine recommended since he knows how much I love vintage and stuff (not that hard to figure out, since I walk around Vintage styled every day ;-) In his hometown there is a biiiiig 50s event. With 3 or 5 stages with musicians (I forget how many), the stors having a competition on who has the coolest 50s windows display, tons of oldtimers and a 50s market. I don´t really need to mention that me, my man and my camera will be there on Sunday!!! It costs only 5 Euro entry which is a bargain!

I´m very happy to announce that I´ll be dressed in a dress from the new Lucky Diva collection for my Pin up Workshop. It´s so new that it isn´t even in production yet!!! Lucky Diva was the first label I modelled for so off course I try to give her tons of promo along with my sponsors. I want fortune and fame for everyone that has ever been nice to me and supported me!!! So I´ll try to place stuff of my sponsors all over the place when TV is around ;-)
The dress will be damn hot! It is a fortunate circumstance that me and Marnie van Helsing the designer allways have mostly the same meassures so she can custom-make it to fit her body and it will be perfect on mine :-D

when I´m still sleepy I´m not really in control of myself. Yesterday I THOUGHT I had ordered one of the Trashy Diva Trixi dresses from their website. I just couldn´t remember which colour I took (embarrassing, right?!) so I checked Paypal to find out.... to realise that it seems I didn´t finish my order. Probably pushed the wrong button with my sleepy sleepy eyes. Now I ordered it and I TOOK IT IN NAVY BLUE. I hate when my brain is too sleepy. Once my friend Anni called me as she wanted to visit me. "Can I bring 4 more people for a sleep over?" she asked, I said yes, forgot to tell my Mom and even worse FORGOT IT MYSELF. When I went to pick her up I was shocked there were so many people to stay at our place *looool*.

For all those that didn´t read the whole text a short version: Rheinbach-Classics yay (say hello if you see me!)! Pin up Course yay! Lucky Diva yay! Forgetting to actually buy bargains nay!

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