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Freitag, 11. Juli 2008


So.... I almost finished the skirt I wanted to copy. I just need the buttons and the suspenders if I decide to make them. I´m very very pleased!

Besides we´ll go out to Space-Burger today which is the coolest burger Place in the whole world. It has dozens of different burgers including vegetarian ones, sweet ones, sour ones, chicken ones, meat ones... Baked with just very little fat, bummed full with salad and various vegetables and their self-made burger-sauce. Do I need to mention they are HUGE? They also have cute illustrations for all their burgers. My personal fave is the Marlene Burger (off course comes with a photo of Marlene Dietrich in the menu), but I´ve heard the Barbarella one is good, too and John tried some other ones and loves them, too. Space burger looks like a fance restaurant from outside and is cheap compared to other restaurants if you keep in ming the size of the burgers.

I decided I wanna get me silky flowing negligés to hang around at home. I want the perfect sleep and lounge-wear. Maybe also some chinese kimonos... So if you see something pretty & cheap in my size post me a link ;-)

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