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Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008


So.... what´s new?

Yesterday I got my hair cut again... It started to get longer and unmanagebale again.... I´m really cursed with my straight thick hair. But now it will be in control again for a while.... I play with the idea to get a perm ;-)

I can walk again, but it still hurts a bit (but waaaaaay less) and my foot is black at the side (and I checked it. It is not dirt - it is indeed a big fat black mark).

I´m writing a press release for the pin up course and it feels really silly to write about yourself in the third person "Sari says ´I really like red balloons cause they make me think of red balloons". I really hope Jean will add something, too or I´ll feel stupid having a press release mostly about me. Doh! Not that I couldn´t write a whole book or something about me ;-)

I´m officially healthy (exept for my foot). I went to the doctor today and got my blood checked and stuff. On the way from the doctor the the central station I stayed in the book-shop. Book shops are Sari-traps. I´m a book worm. I´ll allways hang around the historical stories and can´t decide which books to take. I badly wanna buy more books by Emilé Zola, but you can´t get them everywhere. I like how he shows the realistic life of his time /1840 - 1902) and how people really spoke. They were no angels back than for sure... I especially love "The ladies paradies" which plays in a big mall in the 1800s. It is interesting how some things are still like that today and some entirely different (Marketing is the same - but the position of sellers and that they sleep in the same house is very different). It is wonderfull to read of all the things displayed... It´s like a shopping-trip to another century. I also liked Nana which describes the rise and fall of a prostitute. If you get a hand on his books read them! I still try to get the all ;-)

I´ll probably get involved in a charity project by my sweet friend Zoe Scarlett (www.zoescarlett.com) where all the money goes to animal rescuing. We will shoot with rather exotic animals and it will be a limited edition calendar. Now for one thing I allways wanted to shoot with exotic animals and on the other side I can do something good. Plus I finally get to visit her in Switzerland. Now if that´s not perfect!!! I´m very glad she asked me to be part of it.

" I really wanna go to bed now and get some sleep" says Sari sleepily and grins on her computer-desk ;-)

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