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Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

How to spoil a perfect Sunday

So I made me a pretty hairdo and make up, threw on one of my favourite skirts and the new hardly worn wedges.... to stumple in front of the door, hurt my left knee so it bleeds like hell and hurt my right foot so I can hardly walk.... Well done Sari, well done...

I can remember too well when this happened to BOTH of my knees. Me and my friend Anni where running to catch the bus and BANG there I was with blood dripping knees. I had pink scars there for years until they finally decided I´m botherd enough and disappeared. thank god it´s only one knee this time so I can cover it with my other one for a while when I do photos :-D

However let´s see if my ankle will be better in a few minutes. I wanted to pick up something for breakfast, milk, send out a ebay-parcel and make copies of my hairbooks.

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