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Samstag, 27. September 2008

Be quiet brownie, be quiet

Ok, so i spended the morning at the shopping mall to find THE perfect red cardi to go with my outfit today... And I suceeded (and bought way too much other stuff such as 2 berets, 1 hat and gloves, but hey, fall is here and I need warm stuff for Stockholm).

So now I sit around dressed up like a retro stewardess/sailor/pin up and wait for time to pass by until I go to the event tonight.

Lately i have gotten back in touch with many people that i hadn´t seen for between 3 and 7 years. It all started with an old workmate that googled my name and found me or better: My new pin up identity. I crossed ways with an ex of mine some months afterwards and we said hi and despite it all it wasn´t that bad as feared. So now I have re-contacted my other exes, exept one that I don´t really ever wanna see again, just to know how they do and that to let them know I have forgiven.
My logic: If they hadn´t left me or I hadn´t left them I wouldn´t have John now! So if this gal would have to repeat all mistakes over again to get Mr. Right she´d do it.

Than I googled around and found a forum with quiet a lot of the people I used to know so off course I signed up - what do you think! On top of that I re-contacted someone I was in rather irregular contact with and now that´s solved, too. (Keep in mind I do Pin up since a bit more than 4 years so many people I lost track with never got to see me in pin up attire - so for most that´s something new). I think I love the Internet! And I promise that I won´t loose track again!!! I wanna try and meet up everyone I really really wanna know how life has been for them.

And maybe baby I will try to track down more people. Imagine me finding all the folks I went to school with! The guys that allways beated me up would faint if they see me now! ;-) I met up old folks from school very few times since I left and it was allways by accident so we never talked more than a few words.

Anyway for all the fab people that keep popping up after all this time the ones that have been naughty, the ones that have been nice: this one is for you, cause you were allways on my mind! Even the naughty ones have a place in my heart now! My heart is big enough for everyone.

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