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Freitag, 19. September 2008

If someone made a sitcom about me

...how would that look like? (come on you have been thinking about that, too)

The last 4-5 years alone would be material enough for several seasons though I think some stuff would be rather surreal.

The style it would be filmed in: I would chose a style where all the other people walk around in grey and dark outfits. do you notice about films and tv-shows from the 80s that they look sort of outwashed? Thats what I have in mind. While me and the people it is about would appear in technicolour.

The story: Sari a retro-styled country girl comes to town and has to handle all those new things such as trams, subways, finding places huge shopping streets, finding the first job etc. and gets to know new weird people. Everything based on my actual true story and people I´ve actually really met. But in a humourous non-insulting way. Some really weird, interesting and excentric personalities that are somehow lovable anyway. Off course we´d have to have someone evil and twisted, too but there I could take a fictional person or have everyone plan an evil part some time cause everyone has good and bad sides in real life, too.

I´d also want to build in dreams-sequences alla "Scrubs" as that pretty much reflects what is going on in my head sometimes. And off course there should be "Sari home alone" sequences cause I allways freak out and sing along and dance around when I´m alone but the moment I hear someone at the door the music is off ;-) On top of that I´m a very clumsy person. Clumsy in Inspector Clouseaux/Pink Panther ways so there would be some running gags, too.

The big final: I would start if off so everyone thinks it will be a total happy end. But than it isn´t and people will know things will go on probably pretty much the same way afterwards. I have exactly in mind how I want it to end, but just in case I ever get super-rich and famous and can actually realise that or write a book version on it I don´t wanna give away too much (unlikely but you never know). After all I want to surprise everyone :-)

what would YOUR sitcom look like?

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