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Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

A day at the Sideview Inn

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was my sooting with Matze and Nadja of Sideview Inn and we had so much luck! The weather was just divine. Sunshine all the way!!!

They picked me up at the market-place of Höchst and we drove to Dusenbach which is just in the neighborhood a very very small town with surely not more than 11-20 citizens and way more cows ;-) We found the perfect target for our plans right away.... A bunch of cows laying in the gras. However if you ever wondered why there are not exactly many cowboy and cowgirl photos withactual COWS I can tell you why. First: There was cowshit everywhere. Second: Cows are not very interested. I kept mooing and calling, holding gras to their faces and petting them, however they allways lost interest very fast and just walked away. I´m sure we had some cool pics anyway, but than we got to a barn with hay infront of it and cows sticking their heads out. Those were waaaaay more interested in me. Actually way too much. Cow tongues licking over your arm hurt a lot. Not to mention they are slimey as hell, too. One cow even tried to eat my dress. I had a hard time getting all that cow-slime of my arm and dress.

We also found a very very old house nd shooted infront of it as well as next to it´s really old and rugged looking fence and as Matze and Nadja wanted to take pics n a forrest, too I called up Ilona, which is my best friends Mom. She has a cute little house up in the forrest which was just perfect and as she heats with wood we took some photos of me parting wood with an axe. I´m not sure lumberjack usually wear tps with red leopard print but I´m quiet sure those turned out nicely ;-)

Our big final was a lingerie-shooting in the Fairy-tale forrest of Höchst. There are little fairy tale houses everywhere that were originally build in the 60s and restored only 3 years ago. I didn´t knew there was any of it left as they were already were broken when I was a kid so I was surprised to learn they are still around for the next generation of country kids.

So you can tell we had a plesant afternoon which will result in tons of pretty pics for sure. Nadja kept filming all the time so you can be sure there´ll be a fantastic Making of soon :-)

As some of you know I know some of the folks involved with Rednex (you know "Cotton Eye Joe", right?!) so you can interpret it with beeing a little Tribute to them as well as to my roots as a real deal country girl. :-) I wonder if they´d let me use Cotty as background-music for the making of?! Oh well, I´ll ask ´em though I´m quiet sure no one will object. So and now I´m off to enjoy my vacation again!!!

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