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Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008

My Mom

I left my great-grandmothers 99th birthday for a few hours and came back to discover that my Mom had shown around the newspaper with me on it to the whole family-members around - and the neighbours. Oh boy... Moms.... ;-)

I wonder if she´ll show up on tommorows shooting, too. As we shot in a town with about 11 citizens she should track us down pretty fast ;-)

As you may noticed I´m in the outback of Germany now...the white spot on the map... In.... Höchst/Odenwald. Though I discovered there are actually Odenwald videos on youtube?! I just don´t really have time to check those out... I have to go to sleep now to be ok for the shoot... We´ll meet up at the market place as that is the easiest point to find.

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