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Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

All the things you never knew about me - and never wanted to ;-)

I´m bored as hell and when I went to buy food I suddenly started to remember all the funny things I did in my life. as it will take another 20 years or so till i´m rich, famous and interesting enough for my own biography I might as well share some weird Sari facts....

Did you know....

- That me and my friend Anni had our own Radio series? Ok, that was just school radio but it was damn cool. Whenever we met up at the weekends (despite living more than 250 kilometer apart we used the special offers of the train to visit each other frequently) we recorded a bunch of new episodes. ´We had like 3 series or something: One about a man that cheats the swamp monster he´s married with. One about a italian trapper in the wild wild west and another one that I can´t remember right now. We wrote the texts all ourselves and recorded it with a cassette-recorder. Anni got the best grades for this project. Poor me never got to hear them live in the radio as online-radio wasn´t invented by that time (mid 90s) and I lived to far away.

- I actually wrote a book when I was 10 years old? I really did. My Mom typed it on a typewriter (those were the 80s after all) and I drew pictures to go with it. Unbeknownst to my Mom and Aunt I sended copies to the publishing houses, however no one published them in the end which put an early end to my carrer as an author. However I wrote weird and funny short stories when I was about 19 that entertained folks a lot.

- Again me and my friend Anni: We started off a girlband however we never practised together or recorded something together. We just wrote songs and nothing else happened (come on the title of my song "Don´t kill me for singing" alone sounds like a no 1;-). We even had made up a nice name and all and at a point someone knew someone that knew someone that knew someone that showed interest in us. However as we never found out WHO that actually was that wasn´t of much help. And after all a girlgroup formed by 15 year old girls can just end up in drama. But that wasn´t bad as....

- I can´t sing when someone is around. It makes me so nervous that I miss even more tunes than I do anyway. However that didn´t stop me of two things: I was background-singer in the school-choir (come on, if you have the choice of either singing or having to stand those damn boring physic and math-lessons you´d choose the choir) and of using my two deck tape recorder to record covers and humoristic versions of my most and least favourite songs. At first the purpose was to entertain a friend that was away for a diet-cure that´s why I did comedy cassettes for her also featuring my covers. However after cassette number 6 or 7 (yeah, I enjoyed doing those cassettes a damn lot - I was probably the uncoolest kid ever exisiting) I just did it for me cause that friend stopped giving response about them altogether ;-) When I re- and re- and recorded it all over and over I sounded almost ok. So someone out there has a damn lot of horrible tapes of me that can cause your ears to bleed. I lost my copies of it when I moved but if I ever get my hands on those I´d love to listen to those 15 year old tapes eventhough I might die of embarrassment. I still sing and dance around when I´m alone. However no one ever caught me yet (exept one of Moms boyfrieds like 15 years ago- however he´s dead so it doesn´t count really - a hint: it wasn´t my singing that killed him)

- I played Dr. Galvani in a docu that we made when I was a trainee. We had to explain how galvanic electricity works and we figured doing a funny video would make that story less dry. So I wrote a script for us. And it became a sucess in our company. We had that odd smiling pink plastic frog that we moved in order to explain the discovery of electricity. We painted me a beard and I put a pillow under my shirt so I´d look like a fat italian. I never got a copy of it, though :-(

So I´m sure you all have something weird to tell about yourself. Come on, make a comment. I wanna hear some silly things so I don´t feel that silly myself. Well at least I was allways creative despite the weird outcome ;-)

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