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Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

Interesting youtube feature

A few days ago I stumbled over the "Insight" function of youtube. There you can see which country the people come from that watch your videos. Here´s the ranking of my "best of" one!

Deutschland 0,38
Schweiz 0,22
Vereinigte Staaten 0,2
Vereinigtes Königreich 0,18
Irak 0,15
Frankreich 0,12
Schweden 0,09
Italien 0,09
Finnland 0,09
Österreich 0,08

I´m not so surprised about the UK (4rth place) and USA (3rd place) - I´m sort of surprised about Irak ranking so high, though?! And Finnland which is so small is on 7th place together with Sweden and italy? I didn´t knew I have fans in Finland at all. So um... hello ;-)

It would be good marketing to go through all my videos and see what sort of stuff attracts which country (in my "Where did you come from"-video there´s also Serbia, Belgium, Canada and Ukraine ranking for example). However I don´t really have the time for that. Maybe some day when I´m retired I´ll go through all statistics.

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