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Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

It´s B-day

Hi everyone!

so today is the anniversary of this fatefull day of my appearance. 28 years ago I did the first and last try of acting like a diva - with letting them wait for me for more than 12 hours (though everytime my Mom tells the story it seems that it took longer and longer;-)

This morning we went to have breakfast at Starbucks, I unpacked the gifts my aunt and Mom sended to me (lovely, lovely gifts if I may add that. It really pays of to have a wishlist on amazon just in case you don´t have one yet).

Now I´m allowed to hang out at the computer all day if I want that, but I have that georgous book on how to construct vintage corsets with beautifull close ups laying on my gift-table and the Schiffer book on mid 30s fashions which are smiling on me and just want to be flipped through as well as the lovely DVDs that I want to check out real bad (1rst season of "The Munsters", First Season of "Extras" and the movie "Ed Wood" with Johnny Depp). Indeed I have a hard choice on what to do actually. I guess a nice bubble bath with my new books at hand would be a good start ;-)

I´m strongly addicted to playing "Medieval Empire" on Facebook right now and if you sign up you save one squarefeet of the rain-forrest. If anyone of you is interested in joining there to save the rainforrest and become one of my allies let me know and I´ll invite you there! As a German I want to take over whole Europe off course - no pun inteded ;-)

John is a guy that enjoys doing his exercise videos and he tries to make me do them too cause "that´s good for your health and you´ll live longer!!!". However I´m from  long-lived family (my great-grandmother became 99 years old without any exercise videos) and doing weird exercise videos somehow collides totally with my lifestyle. However I found that and it actually looks fun and not hard to do so I ordered it...

Some videos of it that actually convinced me it is not a stressy jump around and sweat to death business in horrible neon-training clothes that will hurt my sense of beauty...

I´m a totally uncoordinated person and John gets laughing fits whenever I try to move sexy, but I think I could handle those and actually HAVE FUN doing so! :-) Now I usually dance and sing around while John is at work anyway, so why not do that with Dolphina as company? ;-)

I´ll let you know if the DVD is worth it and fun once I got it. I´ve been looking for other videos, too, but this one seems to be the most fun one and with the biggest eye-candy factor (Dolphina looks damn cute and seems a fun person, don´t you think?)

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