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Sonntag, 15. Februar 2009

Can that be???

So yesterday I applied for a modelling thingie via mail again and in order to do it correctly I re-took my meassures (I do that more or less regulary so i don´t provide wrong infos and I don´t have a weight scale so I can never tell wether I lost or gained weight otherwise). To my surprise it really seems that hula-hooping every evening seems to have an extreme effect. I lost 2 cm around the bust, 3 around the hips and stunning 5 (!!!) cm around the waist. Ok, I had noticed that I have a little less of a belly now, but this was unexpected. Off course it is not just the hula hoop. I try to eat healthier altogether right now with smaller portions of my main dish and big portions of salad to go with it and only occassionally rice and pasta. As I don´t have time and nerve to stand around in the kittchen every day for hours I mostly take frozen fish and chicken dishes and only do the salad freshly. (we all know that if you are a working-lady you don´t really have time to follow diet-plans with 3 cooked and complicated dishes a day and preparing a lot of stuff before you get to work, right?)

This is the result of only two weeks! Now I know why the ladies in the 50s had so extreme waists. It wasn´t only the foundation wear I guess. It was the effect of the hula hoop ;-)  I´m glad that I lose less on the chest and the butt so I can keep that hourglass. On the other side I just don´t get into rope jumping. The damn rope allways gets caught somewere.

Oh and I finally got the Burlesque Cardio DVD. After I got it to work on my German DVD-drive I have watched it and tried to do it halfway-through on another day. It is really not bad! I liked the strutting part a lot though I felt so damn damn silly cause my apartment is a bit small for strutting around a lot. I´ll do the DVD more often in order to learn to move more sexy for sure, but for real deal training I stick with the hula hoop. While Dolphina is surely a delight to watch at and the routines are fun I´m not really a DVD-training person I guess.

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