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Samstag, 14. Februar 2009

So it´s valentines day now

Hi everyone,

I have been a bit down this week which was due to finding out that my father-in-law to be has cancer. In the past 8 months my grandfather died, my great-grandmother died, I had a nightmare of a friend dying in a carcrash and so warned him (fortunetly as he was going on a long journey by car that very day which I didn´t knew) and me thinking I might have cancer myself at a point. If you ask me Dead must have a crush on me, otherwise he wouldn´t visit me so often lately :-(

For the moment I´m at least over the shock and start doing a bit better. I did my best to cheer myself up all week and I have at least stopped to feel like crying all the time cause it all is just too much. We will see what happens and can´t do much right now anyway.

So it is Valentines day. however John has to work so I don´t know wether we will do anything at all tonight. I would love to take him out for dinner, but we´ll see how tired he is.

I went shopping in the mall today and got me nice new clothes (there is a lot of retro inspired stuff around right now!!! Including pretty Burlesque-ish head-pieces for low prices) and a massage for my back (they have fabulous massage chairs there!). Though we ate tons of salad during the week I decided to cheat today and got me some chinese pasta for lunch. and than I got a amazing idea on how to promote myself when I look for a new job. But I won´t tell for now. It is still some months to go till I will start to write out to the companies that are interesting to me and I don´t want you to steal my idea, ya know... ;-) Just be aware that it will be unusual and a big media-stunt.

I have lately stumbled over Amanda Palmer and her song "Oasis". If you love catchy songs with lots of sarcasm you should check it out!

or if not something completely different of her...

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