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Montag, 23. Februar 2009

MY first retro dress

4 years and 9 months ago I had my first pin up shooting. Just in time I had bought the purrrrfect 50s dress at H & M. With a shelf bust, halterneck, a sewn in petticoat and strawberries on it. So it was my first really 50s looking favourite dress.

Years passed and I just didn´t fit in anymore, however I never had the heart to give it away cause it´s just too pretty and cause I have fantastic memories attached to it. Today I found it when I looked through my clothes and as I´ve lost a bit weight I thought "What the heck" and wanted to see how much more I had to loose in theorie in order to fit in again. I grabed the zipper and after some effort up it went. My boobs are bigger now than back than as I´ve only lost a lot on the waist (I work on a perfect 50s wasp waist and hope to keep the cleavage and the hips for an extreme bombshellish look) so it´s getting a bit tight up there but damn am I proud! It has caught some dust on the halternecks due to hanging around only for at least 4 years but I´m positive I can wear it in spring and summer. It is a size 38 so I must have dropped two (!!!) dress-sizes lately. Now that explains why my trowsers have a hard time staying on my waist.

John is visiting his friend Daniel today, but when he´s back and I´m still awake I have to show him that!!!! Wait what my Mom says when she sees her "new daughter" on eastern! A few months ago she said to John "you made my child go fat!!!!" as a joke. Ha! Now I´ll point at her and call her that :-D

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