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Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

Sunday morning

John wants to take me out for breakfast - however the problem is hejust won´t wake up ;-) So I already had a little breakfast but I´ll make sure to have a brownie or so when we are actually going :-)

My belly looks as if someone had kicked me in it with blue and black marks all over. I look as if I´d have a violent husband. But I won´t give up on my new hula hoop as I enjoy it way too much (the hooping - not the pain off course). I slowly even learn to do some tricks such as to turn around while hula hooping and stuff.

Tommorow I have a day off due it beeing Carneval and as we live in one of the hotspots of Carneval and I work in another hotspot of Carneval it is better not to leave home on Monday. Maybe I´ll snap some pics at home tommorow but I can´t tell yet. If I do I´ll make sure to wear a corset or girdle to hide the awfull marks.

What else is new? I want to sew again, but couldn´t find the find lately, but I promise I´ll go back to it ;-)

Yesterday I was laaaaaaazy and just left home to buy food - the rest of the time Is spent tidying up and on facebook. I´m a facebook addict right now.

So my belly burns like hell cause I practiced again and it is almost 11. Time to kick John ourt of bed!

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