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Samstag, 14. März 2009

Online shop and so...

Hi Folks,

I started adding the first items to my online-shop. I´ll add some more later on, but as it is so much stuff I took a little break for now. In order to make it more convenient for the customers I made the handling of the shop easier. You can just press a button to put it in your cart and can just go ahead and pay it via paypal. Phew ;-)

When you work hard all week to finish off your website you deserve a treat, too.  Women allways want a bigger one. A hulahoop, that is ;-) So I got me a new one with double the weight of my previous one. 1,5 kg!!! So this is what it would feel like if you´d rotate a rather big chihuahua around your waist :-D I did that now for 15 minutes and my belly really got warm now. The new one has more massage balls in it, too, so I´m curious wether my stomach will turn blue again. Let´s see how much more I can improve my waist without wearing a corset every day :-) My recent loss is 5-6 cm for the moment. I don´t know if I can top that.

So now I relax a bit (maybe some shopping? Maybe doing a nice facial mask? Maybe just laying around lazy and watch tv? I don´t know yet)

I didn´t feature patterns I consider cool for a while. The new Burda Easy Fashion has come out with some 50s themed stuff and I rather like it:

I just wish I would find time to actually sew something...

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