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Samstag, 21. März 2009


This morning I stood up, did my hair and as the weather was so wonderfull I decided to put on a nice dress. As it has a slit I couldn´t wear stockings with it and this is how my misery began. I put on pantyhose.

While the f*cking pantyhose kept slidding off my fat ass and me adjusting it all the time I must have put down my bag in the tram - and did not pick it up when I left to go to the fabric store. I didn´t notice it until I was in there.

in short: John had to come home from work to let me in my apartment. I had to call my bank to cancel my EC-Card. I had to call the mobile-phone company to cancel my mobile-phone and my super-expensive traint-ticket that was valueable for at least 9 more days is GONE. With all the other train-tickets for those I hoped to get many back with the taxes. My passport is gone and I doubt my Mom will find my certificate of birth cause she has so bad eyes that she CAN´T READ.

I tried to call my mobile in case that a HONEST person actually found it, but no one went on it and two times or so I was beeing pressed away. So I guess it´s no honest person, but I´ll go to the office of the trams anyway and hope someone might gave it to a driver. I also went to all the shops at my tram-stop asking wether someone left a bag there just in case I lost it at the stop. But no. Nothing. I can´t call my boss either to let him know that I´ll be late on Monday cause I have to go various places cause HIS MOBILE NUMBER IS SAVED IN MY MOBILE PHONE. Everything sucks!!!!! And John thinks I look like a evil clown with the make up messed up due to tears.

Pantyhose is the invention of the devil!

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