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Freitag, 3. April 2009

hip hip hooray

It is less than a month until I´m having 3 weeks jam-full packed of vacation! And I so deserve it ;-) Lately there was a lot to do at work and I really need a rest. That I was working on my website (and I still do, cause I want the online-shop to fully function before the vacation) didn´t help much either.
So my plans are that I´ll be going to Sweden for a week for sure and maybe to Berlin, too to visit a friend (however nothings sure about that yet as i don´t know wether that friend will be around when I have my time off. Wish me luck as I haven´t seen him for 5 years). If I go to Berlin I might stop by Hamburg, too to visit a photographer. But well: Those are things I´ll find out rather short-handed.
Anyway I hope to see some folks in Sweden that I didn´t see for a while, as I do every year :-) Or as John says: "do we have to met someone famous every time we go there???" Answer: "If it is old friends: Hell, yes!" I´m even holding myself back with it! I wanna enjoy some Vintage-Shopping goodness, too. Unfortunately I don´t think there is any Burlesque event while i´m around. No boobies for me to see - exept for my own (and as I can actually see those every day there´s nothing exiting about that).
On another note I´ll be shooting with Guchot and Majana this weekend again. Actually their studio was booked out, however someone cancelled so they squeeeeezed me in for this Saturday. Which is totally fine as I just decided to put a new cute circle-skirt in my online-Shop and this is a good chance to actually make a photo of it :-) Also I need some new pics due to my weight-loss.
For eastern I´ll drive home for a few days to visit my Mom and to see what she did with her apartment. She tells a lot on the phone about the changes she made and now I get to see it with my own eyes.
Besides all that there is not much exiting going on. Me and John started spring-cleaning our apartment and I re-arange my vanity for the 1000th time even though I know it will turn into a mess instantly. Eventhough I mostly store my lotions and potions in the bathroom and have the rule that I won´t buy a new product unless I used up a old one chaos occurs frequently. When I grow up I´ll have a french maid to take care of that.
I´m officially a fan of Perry the platypus now! Platypus is my new favourite word now. I never heard it before :-D In Germany it´s Schnabeltier.

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