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Sonntag, 26. April 2009

And if continues

As Guchot and Majanas work is usually more fetish-y I felt this was the perfect chance to bring along my shiny, frilly garter-dress thingie... On the set we found a hula hoop which gave the pics a funny twist. Who should have known that years later I´d become a hula hoop fan training 20-30 minutes every day? Recently we shooted with another hula hoop, but let´s get to that later...

At the same shooting with Guchot and Majana we also wanted to do something resembling the 40s and 50s fetish-publications Bizarre and Exotique which had a lot of fetishes featured that seem rather innocent today: Corsets, Satin, Hobble skirts, extreme heels and gloves. I think we pretty much got the point of it :-)

I made myself a nice bag that I plan to use when I´m shooting tommorow. I have a matching hat to go with it so it will be very fun! I already feel how creativity is getting back to me. I feel not as exhausted as I usually do and I´m full of energy.

Yesterday I was in a store and almost bought me a few computer games for a few Euros... BUT I resisted cause if I stick on the computer only playing games I can´t do fabulous creative stuff. I can still go and do that when I run out of ideas ya know... ;-)

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