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Iam a German 40s/50s/60s Pin up Girl, Retro Addict and Weirdo. I love make up, to craft, do photoshootings and collect vintage clothes/ lingerie. In my blog you can read all about it, mashed up with my thoughts about fashion/styling.


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Samstag, 25. April 2009

And the mini-series goes on

Damn was I exited when I was asked by Express TV (Express is a major daily newspaper appearing in my area) wether they can follow me to a shooting in 2007.
So I teamed up with Miss Giggles as she is the photographer with that I have worked most over the years (10 times or something?!) and we did that little feature for them.Damn were we nervous!!! Fortunetly everything went well though and we were very glad with the outcome! Last year they re-issued it when they wrote about me in the newspaper.

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