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Freitag, 24. April 2009

Beauty, Fräuleinwunder and finally vacatio

I´m very glad to announce that there´ll be a little review that I wrote in the next edition of Fräuleinwunder Magazine. Last year I went to the publishing party (I wrote about it in my blog) and absolutely loved both the party and the magazine. It has grown a lot since and is available in many scene-stores world-wide. It ALLWAYS has tons of interesting content targeted on us Retro Girls. Honestly I haven´t come across another magazine that so wonderfully covers my girlie needs and where I don´t skip any page.

Nathalie aka Sweetness, one of it´s founders, orginally asked me to write something on how to hula hoop. However this is a hard thing to do in words. As I was just on and about to look for something sporty to do THAT IS ACTUALLY FUN for a lazy pin up girl like me I wrote something comparing the different retro ways of exercising. Namely Burlesque Cardio, Hula hooping and Rope Jumping. To which conclusions I came? Buy the next edition of the magazine and read it ;-) I´ll make sure to let you know when it´s released and give you a list of where to get it in a store near you!

Beauty News:
John hates make up. He really does. All boyfriends hate make up. At least they allways kept telling me "Why don´t you leave that stuff alone?" Why? Cause I feel prettier when my skin looks purrrrrfectly even ;-) Unbeknownst to him I have started to use up the tiny bit of "Some kinda georgous" in my justine case kit by Benefit. At first I wasn´t too sure as it is a rather sheer "foundation faker" but I´m very happy with the result and john HAS NOT complained about my make up in the past two weeks. Another cool thing about it is that it looks natural. My problem is that my skin is pale but with an olive-ish tone while about all pale foundations have rosy undertones which mostly doesn´t work out for me. That one does.

Too Faced Plastic Fantastic Kit on the long run test: I wrote some weeks earlier that I got the plastic fantastic kit by Too Faced. As I told before I totally love the lip plumper (cause it works fab and smells like Red Bull) but how do the other products work now that I have tried them a while? I find that the wrinkle filler mixed up with a dab of the cream I use for my eyes and a tiny bit of concealer looks really fab. I like it better than Benefits Olalift which didn´t really give very much result. The mascara however is ok, but not ground-breaking. I use it with a cheap mascara base from the drugstore and the result is ok. However no false eye-lash effect and I got to put up several layers of it. It´s not bad, but not the best one I ever had either. So if you find the kit for a not too high price buy it. Plus the packaging is so beautifully disturbing. When I first stumbled over it in a Swedish Mall I was like "What the??? Is that really a kit for botox injections???" till I took a closer look ;-) It´s one of the few packagings that I have actually kept though I took out the products.

I have ordered two new things which is for one thing a palette of 28 Blushes (a model can never have too many ones of that and neither can a non-model cause it is too much fun to play with new stuff and colours. As it is all in one place you don´t have to search for all of them all the time) and the eye-shadow kit for blue eyes by Candy Pop (or was it Pop Candy??? No matter how, there was Candy and Pop involved!). I hope that one works cause strictly speaking my eyes are rather blue-grey. And in some photos even greenish-blue (which could be a good excuse to buy the set for green yes if I like the one for blue ones;-)

I have 3 weeks of vacation now!!! 3 weeks of sleeping as long as I can. 3 weeks of having more time to work creative and doing fun things! I hope it will all work out nicely :-)

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