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Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

I, Psychopath (no, not me)

It is the time of the year where I have to unpack my sunscreen. Cause I don´t tan - I turn grey. My skin is rather olive-ish than a rosy one. Also the only thing that actually is getting darker is my arms and... my feet! by the end of summer my feet are almost black while my toes are white like snow. So today is officially the day on which I used my first sunscreen of 2009. Last year I managed to get an inexpensive one at Yves Rocher and while it feels a bit sticky it smells like my favourite Vanilla-joghurt (eventhough there seems to be no vanilla in it. Weird). I´ll have to check wether they still have that suncream and buy another one on reserve.

I also really got to write a shopping list for my crafting projects, but as I ordered another cool retro book I put than on a hold till tommorow or so. there is a shop selling about everything I need exactly next to my work and it would be stupid if I would have to drive to town next week and buy some instead of getting it now!

The stuff I put on livejournal is all sold, but I probably have some more time to go through stuff that just doesn´t fit anymore soon. I bought me two new corsets from a UK company that sells good quality corsets for a reasonable price as it is in their clearance (I allways read the ebay feedback carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises) and I hope those will arrive soon. I´ll be havi ng a shooting next Monday, but doubt it will make it here THAT quick.

But let´s go to the psycho, giving this entry it´s name

A few nights ago while zapping through the program I stumbled over a really unusual docu that quickly caught me and I recommend seeing it. The title of the docu is "I, Psychopath" filmed by Ian Walker. In this docu Ian follows Sam Vaknin, self proclaimed psychopath and narcist, to several tests in which they try to find out wether Sam is indeed a psychopath, what makes you a psychopath etc. etc.. As the docu goes further and further it becomes more and more of a psycho-war between them leading to an early end of the docu and there are some rather interesting conclusions:

1. Psychopaths have a lacking in their brain which makes them emotional cold and unable to feel things as fear and pitty. Hence 1 in a 100 is a psychopath.

2. Not every test done clearly shows wether you are a psychopath or not. While Sams results were not as clear in some tests as he thought it would be it was very obvious in others. (In one test a "normal person" usually scores 0-1 points. A violent criminal maybe up to 12 points. Sam had 18 (!!!) points of 24)

3. Not every psychopath is psysically violent. Some are just mentally cruel and manipulative to others which is just as bad.

4. A psychopath can spot a potential victim by the way they WALK. In a test they showed criminals and psychos several people just walking whereof one of them had been a victim of crime before. They allways spotted that person cause it walked imbalanced!!! It had a lot of how a lion actually spots the weakest animal of a bunch in order to attack it. Scary!

It was a sort of scary thing to watch, but very interesting, too. I was so sad for his wife as Sam was indeed married though he wasn´t even able to have real feelings of love. They fighted every single day however she stuck with him as she thought he was the nicest person she ever met! Ian, which filmed the docu, got under extreme mental stress beeing both verbally attacked and threatened by Sam and watching how Sam treated his wife and talked about her. I just couldn´t stop watching!

So if you get a chance watch this docu! Nothing is more interesting than the real life!

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