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Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Some days are not as good as others

My train-ticket must have gone lost in the mail. So I had to get a new one and I got to send the new one to the train-service so they return the money to me. Stupid. Do I need to mentuion that new ticket did cost 154 Euros? I really really hope they return that!!! I took a faster train for the chosen ticket, but there I got to go to another station than I usually do. oh my...

However things can get even worse: We won´t get the apartment we used to get in the past years in Stockholm. However we were offered another one, but there I don´t know if it will cost more and if it has a kittchen, too. I wait for the informations right now. le sigh. While we were offered free hostage last time around it was at a place quiet outside of Stockholm so it would most likely be complicated to get to town at all. hmmmm... Can only get better...

On more positive news I found another photo of last weekends shooting on majanas photogarpher portfolio and I like it a lot! (IT also fits my mood right now;-) Check it out!

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