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Dienstag, 7. April 2009

Too faced

So I finally decided to try "Too Faced". To be exact their "plastic fantastic" set (wrinkle filler, lip plumper and mascara).

While I couldn´t really try the wrinkle filler and the mascara yet (ok, I put off half of my make up to try, but off course it probably works better when you do it in the morning with a fresh-cleaned face and all so that try doesn´t count really) but the lip-plumper really worked out. It smells like Red Bull, too which I like. When I was a child my Mom had a boyfriend from Austria that smuggled Red Bull to Germany whenever he came back from there. I think Red Bull wasn´t legal in Germany back than or something (hey, I was like 10 so 'I don´t remember exactly), but I was allways allowed to drink one of the tins.)

My pout really improved in my oppinion, though it felt weird in the beginning. I´ll look out for more stuff to try on ebay or so. I´m curious to really really try the wrinkle filler and mascara tommorow and see if it is effective. At the moment I use Benefits "Olalalift" for the eyes, but I try to find something that works harder on those lines and eye-rings. I really look horrid when I get up at 4:15 in the morning - believe me. I use some cheapo eye-pads in the evening with Aloe Vera that I quiet like, but come on - it can get even better han that ;-)

At the moment I wait for my train-ticket for Thursday. I really start getting nervous as it is only 2 more days!!! Already sended a mail to the customer support asking them to check wether they sended it out already.

2,5 more weeks to go until I have vacation! 4 more weeks to go till IAm in Sweden!

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