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Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

And of I go

This monring was awfull. We stayed up extra-long and just permited ourselfes a few hours of sleep so wecan go tobed really early today. However... We slept for3 hours or so when they decided to cut the threes in front our window.... with a CHAIN-SAW. After they had done so for what felt forever we were relieved and started the second try to sleep one more hour. However this was just the moment when the couple living abov us decided to yell at each other and slam the doors. Ouch. Finally they were silent... and the police started to ring at every door cause someone called them because of it. 15 minutes later the postman rang and we finally gave up... ;-)

So now I´ll go to bed and I will not get up before 2am to get ready and jump into the cab. I hope I´ll be having a fab week andI´ll try to take pictures this time...

See you in a week!!!

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