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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

The beauty of imperfection

I have an almost fetishistic attachment to freckles. I love them. If you´d ask me wether I have a hunting scheme about men I have to reveal that I don´t care that much what colour your eyes are as long as they are friendly. Or wether you have a car as long we can go back and forth to the end of the world together. Or something as non-permanent as haircolour. No, it is freckles that will make me swoon. Now I don´t fall for everyone with freckles, but to me it´s an advantage.

I think it has to do with the perfection of imperfection. There may be flawlessly beautifull people in the world. The masses adore perfection up to an artificiall degree. However flawless beauty is often.... boring. The perfect teeth, the perfect face, the perfect body. They are just not REALLY remarkable or stand out. If I don´t know you any closer I will easily forget you, cause you don´t look INTERESTING. Nothing distinct. Nothing fun. Now freckles on snow white skin are cheeky. They interupt the perfectness.

Honestly: How many of you dare to approach someone that is absolutely perfect? I know I wouldn´t. But if you have freckles or your teeth are not entirely straight or your nose is a little too small or too big to be perfect I might dare saying "hi".

Off course someone has to offer more than just freckles or any other charming imperfection on the long run. He has to be fun to be around. I had freckled boyfriends before John. But they were not fun to be around. I couldn´t do silly stuff with them. We couldn´t "steal horses together" as we say in Germany (I´m not sure wether there actually is a English expression for that?). That John is a bit off-beat just like me in some ways and completely different in others is what made me interested in him in the first place.

Maybe it is even more important to me that you´re a fun person to be around than freckles!

P.s.: With tons of sun I once managed to breed me a total of 7 freckles under my eyes, however I gave up soon as I don´t really like to lay around in the sun all the time and get a greyish alien colour tan.

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