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Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

MY new bizarre pet

Attention, Attention: If you didn´t eat dinner by now skip my blog this time - otherwise you don´t want it anymore. Reading on on your own risk...

Today my workmate pointed out to me that there is something hanging in the tree just in front our window. On closer observation it proofed to be a dead and rotten pigeon. I do not know how it got there. I surely did not notice it previously. Now that I KNOW it is there I can´t help but to stare on it all the time. it is also too disgusting to put it away there. I wouldn´t even touch it with a stick. It gets really spooky when there is wind and you can see it moving in the wind.

Maybe it is a zombie pigeon and it will go and eat squirell-brains at night?! Anyway, we decided that this is our official back-office pet. However so far my ideas for names were not approved by my work-mate (My ideas were "Trixi" or "Hildegard" cause I have a girlish feeling about it). Off course I can´t post a pic and ask "What do you think it looks like namewise?!" but it is damn hard to come up with the perfect name for a zombie pigeon. I wonder if it still hangs up there tommorow. It´s been storming a bit. No chicken for me tonight.

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