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Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

I´m with grandpa

Hi everyone,

today I was thinking about getting older and put things in relation.

As you know by now Iam 28 years old and John is 36. So in theorie John could already be a grandpa - if he would have gotten a child by age of 18 and this (now 18 year old child) would have a baby. And as I got my first boyfriend when I was 19 I could have a child going to the 2nd grade already. Thinking about that is scary (and I´m glad I didn´t get any babies cause that relationship back than clearly went totally wrong).

What is even more scary is that most of my exes should be past 40 by now (yes, I seem to have a weakness for older gents or let´s better say: they really have a weakness for me cause I was never the one doing the first step in the first place). WOW. I don´t say that´s really old now, but it sounds odd.

So I´m a potencial school-child Mom with a potencial (but damn hot) grandpa. Yes, damn messed up thoughts today...

Must be the cold I have. I´m laying flat since I came home Wednesday. It´s so bad I googled about what symptoms you get when you have the swine-flu as there are 3 cases in my town. Fortunetly a infection of your troat is not a sign for it so it must be a ordinary cold.

Today I went outside to catch a breakfast and to pick up something from the mail-office, but I think this was a bad idea. I´ll stay in bed at least until Monday morning now. It sucks and I run out of ideas what to do home alone with only a tv and computer at my service. I even took my make up beside the bed to try something new with eye-shadows that I had seen on youtube. I wanted to try something more dramatic than usual and it worked. I might use that idea for a shooting some time. Besides I can´t stand it anymore. I´m really a pain to be around right now. At least I don´t sweat that much anymore and can talk a bit. Our syrup is finished so I couldn´t even drink a coffee today. what a shame.

However I got two nice things in the mail to cheer me up: A Dreamy Cd (if you liked Kickstart Bossa Nova in my shopping video you are very likely to like their album "Scandinavian Nonsense" as well) and my new 2,7 kilogramm hula hoop. That is the highest weight I found available on ebay I look forward to do it. I tried it for 2 minutes after I put together all the pieces but than almost broke down (due to my health, not cause it was too heavy). I got to wait. impatiently.

so and now I run out of ideas what to write about. Enjoy beeing healthy. it is so easy to forget how nice it is when you are doing normal... i hope to get a better mood soon.

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