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Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

Shop till you drop, Rockablly Ruhrpott & Fräuleinwunder Magazine

Hi everyone!

As Iam allways on the lookout for pretty clothes that I can wear for my shootings shopping is quiet a essential thing to me. Unfortunetly it will take another 10 years or so till the millions are rolling in due to me unexpectedly winning in the lotterie (resulting in me moving to a nice little house in Sweden. I want at least 4 rooms of which one of them will become my little boudoir, we´ll have a living room, a bedroom and a room for my future kids as well as a kittchen  that is bigger than a locker. Let´s say a house of 90 squaremeters would be purrrrfect.) so I got to pick up bargains. Fortunetly this is not THAT hard on a Sweden vacation cause there are georgous Second Hand Shops with beautifull selections all over the place. Sure, some are expensive, but some are very good priced, too!

So I hope you will enjoy the shopping edition of "Miss Sari goes Stockholm".

There is a funny sidenote to it all, too. Ages ago I had already stumbled over a track by a swedish project named "Dreamy" however somehow forgot to add them on myspace. When cutting the video I remembered and thought that would make a fab background track to it. Somehow the producer remembered me of someone I met through a mutual friend 8 years ago in Sweden, but as he had another name on the Dreamy website I though I probably mess up something in my head and I just wrote him a mail telling who Iam and wether it is ok to use the track (I allways do that if I find any chance to do so cause I think it is only fair to give whoever owns the song the chance to say no-eventhough no one ever said no in first place - usually they are happy for free promo and once a band asked me wether they could use a photo of me for their next Cd cover. Off course I said yes.). Turns out he IS the guy I actually met before and that he even remembered me though that was the only time we saw as far as I can remember. Cool

I had to play with the sound making it less loud on the parts I actually speak. I hope I managed that well enough, it´s my first time :-)  Now my talking is not very lound, though I YELLED into the camera which sort of embarassed John and which probably made everyone think I´m absolutely nuts, but well: you got to suffer for art ;-)

BTW: If you are one of the German Folks waiting for the Rockabilly Ruhrpott Docu - there will be a radio-feature on it at the 2nd of June at http://www.eldoradio.de/ starting at 6 in the evening. There´ll be no snippets with me but I´m sure it will be worth a listen anyway. :-)

Upcoming for June/Juli is the no. of "Fräuleinwunder" Magazine with my review about Sports for Pin up girls. It is no problem for the Germans, Britishs, Americans, Swedes, Swiss, Dutch and Greeks to find it in a local store listed on the Fräuleinwunder Myspace site - everyone else can order it online www.myspace.com/frauleinwundermag

It seems I´ll be having more shootings coming up, so keep your eyes peeled. Off course you´ll be the firsts to see the results and making off videos...

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