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Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009

let´s make up

During my vacation I bought some new products (I allways look through cosmetics in other countries to discover cool new stuff) and almost immediately met an "old friend". Pop Beauty. As it was in the sale I got me the Golden Sparkle Sauce and the dust deluxe in baby blue.

The Dust Deluxe I love and it was a shame they didn´t have any more colours left in the sale. It´s like 22 Dollars online, but I got it for 4 Euros ;-)

The Golden sparkle sauce is supposed to keep your eye make up in place.

Negativ: If I use it as a base the eye make up will start to flake during the day. Also my eyes start to stick. What do I mean by it? Imagine you put a stick of glue on your eye-lids. You get the idea... Not a pleasant feeling. 
If at least if would give an amazing and lasting result that would be fab, however during the day I fond that my eye-shadow didn´t crease but flake!!! when I use it as a base and my usual eyeliner started to get all over my eyes for a not so fabulous Panda-look.

Positive: When I mix the sparkle sauce with my eye-shadow it really gives a lasting colour and a lasting fab eye-liner that I can apply with my brushes - your eye-shadow becomes hard as stone though and gets almost impossible to use without the sauce from than - which is a very very negative side effect.

I´ll experiment some more to see wether I get better result with other techniques.

After my so-so experiences with Pop Beauty a local brand caught my attention: viva la diva. http://www.vivaladiva.se 

I got a concealer stick, the tropical temptation eye-shadow palette which looks not so smooth in the box ( I was in doubt wether to get it, however once you apply it it is a dream so I have no regrets), a turqouise eye shadow with golden shimmer (that isn´t obvious unless you try it on your skin) and another palette in a lace design with a variation of colours. I LOVE IT ALL.

And I start to regret I didn´t get more of it as it wasn´t that expensive (the palettes about 8 - 13 Euros, the single shadow 5 Euros and the concealer stick about 5 Euros, too). I might mail them and ask them about shipping to Germany. I don´t have much hope though. (In one of my videos you´ll spot me wearing blue eyeline - that is one of the colours from Viva La Diva combined with Golden Sparkle Sauce). I think the Viva la Diva stuff is actually something I can use for shootings without problems.

I have a real greed for make up right now. Why I do not know, probably cause I suscribed to natneagles video tuturials on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/natneagle) or so, so I had another kit waiting home just when I got back. The Too Faced Decade of Glamour kit. I love how it looks like a Barbie-wardrobe and as I have fallen in love with the Too Faced lip plumper anyway and there is one included I decided to give it a try. I will write a review once I have tried more of the various stuff coming with it to tell you if it is a bargain or not.

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