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Iam a German 40s/50s/60s Pin up Girl, Retro Addict and Weirdo. I love make up, to craft, do photoshootings and collect vintage clothes/ lingerie. In my blog you can read all about it, mashed up with my thoughts about fashion/styling.


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Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

a fab compliment

" I watched your videos with a gay friend of mine and we both enjoyed them."

What more can a girl want but to entertain those that are resistent to females? Sure, it is the humour that appeals in this case and not my charms as a woman, but as we can´t rely on our charms alone forever I consider that very flattering. :-)

P.s.: Tons of Saudi Arabians and turkishs watching me lately. So much that they became 2nd place in my youtube statistics. Seems every country sooner or later ends up in my statistic Top 10.

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