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Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

For all the designers/photographers checking my stuff...

and not daring to approach me for their projects...

Yes, I have heard that several times. People would like to work with me, but infact do not dare to drop me a message and ask cause I have such a long reference list, worked with good photographers already and come across professionally. Not only you are missing out - so am I!

I do know that most clothes-designers are starving artists just like me. Many just have it as a side-project, too and have another job besides to make a living. Just like me. So I surely wouldn´t expect you to pay lots of money for me modelling. I´m glad for free stuff, vouchers or a lifelong discount in your online-shop :-) And once you are making millions I hope you´ll book me for your multi-million dollar campaign shown in all the "important" magazines ;-)

I will do my best to represent you and your clothes in the best possible way and integrate them in my next upcoming shooting. When I use pictures for promo-purposes (like when a magazine writes something about me or a website does an interview with photos) I do my best so the people that provided lovely stuff for me will be included and I often submit photos featuring the lovely designs I worked with lately.

On top of that you may have noticed that mostly there is allways a making of-video from my shootings available on youtube which means: Whatever I model people can actually see it from all sides and off course you are more than welcome to feature the video with your designs on your website, myspace, facebook, whatever. This means additional clicks for me and a chance to show off your designs in their full beauty. Both of us clearly benefit!

If your photos are good I gladly work with you if I feel they fit my style. If in doubt you can mail to me anyway so I can take a look at them and let you know. If I say no for the moment it is not the end of the world. Maybe I just think you need a little more time to develope further and will get back to you after a while. This has happened before. You could be the next.

I do not make a living as pin up and as I have a part-time day job I also don..t need to make money of it. It is nice to get some pay-jobs from time to time, but let..s face it: Money is not everything. We all sit in the same boat: I look for pretty designs, pretty photos and for wonderfull and creative people to work with - you look for someone that shows your stuff, poses in your photos and promotes you. What are you waiting for? Drop me a mail like.... NOW. And stop to undervalue yourself like "Oh, I don..t know if I can write to her..." cause you steal not only a chance for yourself... You steal me a chance, too. And that´s just not fair. I never bit anyones head off EVER.

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