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Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

It´s yet another weekend

Hi everyone,

so yxesterday I was shooting the most time of the day (got home at 11 in the night). What a blast we had! But I´m sure you can tell by the video. And I still say, that there is no better excuse than to wear exessive amounts of green eye-shadow than a western shooting :-) Actually I already got one photo from it. Quetsche was indeed very quick!!!

As I had quiet a way to drive I edited the video of the shooting in the train and by the time I got home had it ready for upload. Did I lately mention that I love the fact that I  own a laptop now???

I also have a "weekend off" which means in Sari-terms: No shooting to prepare and no specific plans. I have a shooting at the 10th, but there I have a make up artist so I don´t have to try any new make up and they have a evening gown that Iam supossed to model so unless I want additional photos I don´t need to prepare anything :-) And not until next weekend anyway.

Not sure what I will do with my day exept for buying food. Maybe cinema tommorow morning. Anything good on the big screens right now? I have a second video to edit from yesterday, however there is not such a hurry as I just uploaded the western video yesterday and I don´t watn to "spoil" you so much so you won´t be disappointed when I have less shootings again and you expect uploads every weekend that just won´t come.

John likes the green corset outfit from my video best.... But he´s a man and anything with lots of cleavage is more than ok with him. Ha, ha ;-)

Now one more caramel macchiato and a choclate-croissant! Yummy! Maybe.... Going to LE Freak and Chic - a very lovely 2nd Hand Shop here in Düsseldorf. Not sure about the openeing times.... hmmm....

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