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Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

The idea man - a essay on a facebook topic

So this another totally pin up unreleated and "Sari tells what she thinks cause she can" post.

Two days ago or so I did a facebook test on what "is my ideal man" which led to a small discussion with my Facebook-friend Örjan about: what does actually a ideal man want and what a ideal man is supposed to want. It led me to think about it a bit further about what is ideal anyway.

First the result of what I got in the test

Sari took the What's Your Ideal Man? quiz and got the result: The Intellectual..

The Intellectual: You need an intelligent man...not just any type of intelligence, damn near genius status. The mind is a powerful stimulator for you, and just the average Joe ain't gonna cut it. This man is well educated, maybe even a self proclaimed "geek", but he sure knows how to get your engines fired up! He can calculate the velocity to your heart in seconds flat, and go where no man has gone before! Age, and physical status isn't a huge factor to you so long as he graduated with a 4.0 and honors! You could listen to him talk for hours (and often do), and are constantly amazed at his knowledge. With your beauty and his brains, your offspring will be unstoppable!

What is an ideal man supposed to want. Clear answer. He´s supposed to want me off course. Because otherwise there is no point in him beeing a ideal man after all. He can be a ideal friend. Someone you like to hang around with but not more. And a friend is a friend regardless of gender. I have dear friends that are female and just as much loved friends that are male. Some ideal man are additionally a ideal friend, too, which indeed makes them perfect.

After all a ideal man has several levels to score in. Having a brain is a must. Beeing nice (cause there are enough intelligent but totally arrogant people). Actually to have a heart and beeing a caring person is a good idea, too. That actually should be it. At least all that I consider important at the moment. Keep in mind that we are talking about someone that is supposed to be worth spending your life with.

To the question what does an ideal man want? I´m afraid it´s in general a question too abstract to answer cause even ideal men are individuals (thank god. Imagine a whole army of cloned ideal men running around. all looking the same, all thinking the same. That would be creepy. Possibly they´d try to take over the world. i would do that if I had a own clone-army;-) Wait! Maybe the ideal man wants a clone army!!!

So what does this all tell us? While each of us has his/her own oppinion and priorities of what a ideal man is to her/him everyone can be it. Despite all the flaws.

How much do looks matter? If someone had told me that John would be my perfect match I had laughed it off. I did not recognize his qualities at first glance. It did not struck me like lightning. I couldn´t help but to be distracted by his weird hair-cut anyway. To that time he used to cut himself a hole in his hair so "his baseball-cap would sitt better". I felt it looked more like a monk haircut and I told him so. It showed effect and he stopped doing so after a while. His horrible haircut was the only thing I changed about him. Ever.
However the longer I knew him and the more time i spended with him the cuter and more attractive he got to me cause I realised he has brains, humour and a heart at the right spot. And now i stare at him with amazement often and think by myself what a damn lucky girl Iam. Yesterday we googled wether a word actually exists and every day when I come home from work he discusses what was in the news with me. This is ideal.

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