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Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

How to do a castingvideo in 2 hours

Hi everyone!

So yesterday I got a message from one of the agency I signed up with. I rarely ever get anything from agencies as mostly people just search me  themselves or drop me a mail cause they saw me somewhere. They asked wether I had the time to go to a casting in Berlin this Saturday. They´d like to submit photos of me to a big designer.

I have never been to a casting, so I was curious, plus the designer is sort of huge so I said "Ok, submit my pics." However I did not expect anything to happen. We are talking about a size 40 Retro Pin up Model presented to a top-notch fashion designer guru.

So I was surprised when my phone rang today and it was the agency. They were interested in ME. However the casting got delayed to a date under the week, So I was sad cause that just isn´t possible. However the casting staff seemed to like me indeed so they said "Ok, than make a casting video and send it to us." So I got instructions for the video and recorded one with the camera standing on my computer as John was still working. I edited it so it wouldn´t be too lame, threw in some snipets from my latest shootings and a few photos and ran to the post-office.

I heard the big boss is the one watching it. I wore my blue playsuit with the white and green flowers that I showed in my bargain-post previously. I just wanted to make sure he´ll notice me ;-)

And I told tons of stuff I could kill myself for on the video. Stuff like that Iam a ebay-addict - I even showed the latest dress I bought. And that I´d buy me a bigger bookshelf if I get the job. And my aunt calling my nose a potatoe. Oh well, the agency said I should tell something about myself. ;-) I hope he has sense of humour, than he´ll have a good time watching no matter wether he´ll actually decide to book me.

I called my Mom cause usually I have no major news to tell when she asks me for them. Today I sure had. I´m very very nervous. It would be totally sureal if they choose me and I´d go to Berlin to shoot for them!!! A whole new level in my career. The chance is small - but it exists!

If they take me I´ll put my dorky casting video online cause in that case it can´t be that horrible. If not it will remain in my archives and I hope my grandchildren will make tons of cash with this exclusive material :-D

Wish me luck. But hey, even if they do not take me I at least got their attention for about 5 minutes and entertained them.

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