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Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

I´m a naughty girl, but I´m not dirty

...cause I bought nice handmade stuff from a swiss store that opened today. A ex of mine complained cause I smell like candy. Just proofs he wasn´t Mr. Right as John loves that I permanetly smell like a nut-cake. And I´ll totally rock the candy-bathing stuff in a few days when my delivery from www.ponyhuetchen.com arrives... And I´ll let you know wether I like it.

Bathing-cookie with coconut-milk and mango:

Bathing praline with honey and Vanilla

bathing cupcake with cherry

choclate/almond/brown sugar Peeling soap

Massagebutter with white choclate (now I just have to get John to use it)

And it´s not even that expensive. I bought some of the bathing stuff double so I can take several wonderfull baths and including shipping it was just like 34 Euros! For home-made quality stuff! NExt time I´ll try their eye-shadows, too.

I want Candy damdamdamdam...

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