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Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

What a weird invention!

Hi everyone!

I stumbled over a subject deeply disturbing... Push up thongs for men!

Now I´m not a fan of thongs. I just don´t find them appealing. And spare me with "visible pantylines are evil". It´s nothing embarrassing to actually wear underwear. Maybe you are one of the 0,000000001 % girls that look good in it actually, however men allways make me think of Sumo-Ringers in them and this is not really one of my erotic phantasies.

Boxershorts and Retro Pants are perfectly fine with me. They can even be rrrrrrrrrrrr.... Thongs are likely to make me fall off the bed in a fit of laughter. Sorry to the thong wearing gents that happen to read my blog. No offense but they just don´t do it for me.

Now to the particular Object of this blog - a push up thong for men which brings it all to "a whole new level"!

http://bit.ly/xPjCK (includes drawing on how to put that thing on)

I even think this could be dangerous! Imagine you just spontaniously want to rip off his underwear. This could end up in hospital if you get a little too passionate.

Anyway: I can´t help to stare at it. Possibly it will follow me into my nightmares.

P.s.: If you must wear a thong really bad, don´t wear one of those. The size really doesn´t matter that much. We are not that obsessed with it as you are about our boobs ;-)

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