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Freitag, 29. August 2008

3 days to go

...until I will go away for vacation! While I can realise I´ll be going to my Moms I just can´t imagine that I´ll be going to Sweden, too. Probably cause I was so damnnnnn close last time and it didn´t work out after all. So probably I´m very carefull with enthusiasm now...

Though the "appointments" are rolling in now :-) We´re invited to a dinner and I´ll meet up with a promoter. And maybe there´s more to come. No photoshooting though. No one seems to have time and I didn´t got a reply to one request that i had loved to do, but well: I guess we´ll be busy anyway ;-)

I have no idea how they are called in English, but today I keep seeing luck-bugs all the time! One even sneaked into our apartment. I really hope this has a meaning ;-)

And I saw a cuuuuuute squirrel, too!

We can need luck as John has a bad cold at the moment. He´s home from work and i have to take care of him. and I didn´t feel too healthy today, too. Now I´ll make dinner, grab my travel-guide books for Stockholm and try to believe I´ll actually go there ;-)

Meanwhile YOU can go and enjoy my latest making of featuring feather fans, devil horns and Velvet Nicolet!

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