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Sonntag, 24. August 2008

The weekend

Hi everyone!

My latest info is that the docu about me and the pin up course wil be released somewhen between next Wednesday and the coming week. For all those that won´t be able to catch it: I try to record it with one of those modern Online-Recorder thingies and I hope I can cut the two hours of the programm so I can put our part up on youtube very quick ;-) Since I´m working and so are unable to watch RTL Punkt 12 at lunch-time I hope my Mom will tell me when she did some Sari-spotting as she follows that programm anyway,

The weekend: As I mentioned I went to a concert with my friend Anni. Finaly a concert in my town so I was able to pick up the connection to the loaction easily and we got there in time for Soundcheck. Actually we were earlier than the band, but that´s no news for us ;-)

So who have we been visiting anyway? Does anyone remember the song "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex that was a huuuge worldwide hit in the 90s? If you do, you either love of hate it. I know Mary Joe, that´s the pretty blonde lady singing it, since 1996 when me and Anni were taking care of her fanclub. Since that time we allways get free access to concerts, tv-shows, festivals and backstage-areas they are playing at. Yay! They´ve been doing a lot of stuff in Sweden, Romania and all over the world lately so we didn´t see for a while now, but it´s allways nice to meet and talk about the good ol´times. Plus both Anni and Mary Joe are mothers now so the kids can play together in the spare-time. You can bet we never dreamt of bringing our kids to Rednex-concerts when we were admiring teenage-girls. I´m actually waiting for the group-pic we did with Annis camera and maybe I´ll post it if we don´t look too horrid. It was shot at about 1 in the morning so I can´t garanty for anything... I hope it won´t take another year to see again.

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