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Dienstag, 19. August 2008

The 50s market

The 50s market was cool and I saw a lot of well-kown faces as well as new ones. However it didn´t take long to seperate our pin up/photographer group as it was damn full! 

I forgot my camera at home and exept a guy that photographed me with Arthur (you remember: He runs "Aristocutz" and is the only coiffeur whose scissor is allowed to touch my hair) and said it would be for a newspaper, but it never showed up, no other pictures of me where taken. However John says everyone adored my Trashy Diva dress in blue (or at least the amazing cleavage it makes ;-)  I really consider to get it in red as well as it is still up for sale...

I bought a new small lamp for my vanity, a bretzel-holder and a huuuuuge white and red feather fan. I´m still sad I didn´t get the 2nd one to match, but they were expensive and someone was quicker than me and bought it. The fan I HAVE is however beautifull and has marabou-feathers so soft and they swing so nice when you move it.

Today the hats arrived and they look even cuter in person. I hope to make photographs with me wearing them soon. :-) 

I´m surprised about how many people read my blog and never reply ;-) No matter if I meet a photographer, or a model, or a journalist or whatever they know what I´m up to. And well, that´s the purpose of the blog after all! After all I don´t want to be a distant untouchable person rather your girl next door.

Here is a sneak peek on Ditas wonderbra collection. It looks fab and I love the idea of an over-wire bra. I have an over-wire swimsuit from the 50s and it has no neckholders. It never fell down or didn´t supports my boobies ever. However my problem with wonderbras: As a solid D-Cup I don´t really need one! Anyway here´s the full story: http://www.the-lingerie-post.com/2008/08/a-first-look-at-wonderbra-by-dita-von-teese/ and here: http://www.sexysciencebydita.com/

I´ve been rebuilding my website. Not everything works for now and the fancy flash is gone, but I hope you like it anyway... www.retro-model.de

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