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Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

Pretty little things....

Hi everyone,

I was a bit quiet lately which is due to the fact that there isn´t that much going on at the moment... Well, nothing interesting anyway. My bankcard lost it´s validity 2010 and as I still went on spending the X-Mas money that I had n cash I did not notice it until the beginning of this week. What a shock. Now I can´t get cash for some more days, waiting for the card and as John has no bank-account anyway we are stranded. Thank god I have a credit card, so I can at least pay in the super-market. It´s just blahhhhh! I really hope I get my card and the code in time for my vacation - or we are screwed.

Let´s go to a lighter subject. I haven´t done that much crafting in the past few weeks, exept of sewing fringe on, cause I was on the hunt for something. Cameos. I´m obsessed with them at the moment. They are so wonderfully old-fashioned yet chic and will make a beautifully addition to many acessoires. I have now found the perfect little set of them. And while I was at it I found cute heart-thingies that I had to have, too (thank god I can pay those via paypal ;-) So after Sweden I will be taking action again and craft my little HEARTS out (you get it?;-)

I´m also looking for some shootings right now. I haven´t shooted since a month or so, so it starts to itch in my toes. Hopefully I can fix something for February???

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