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Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Back from the country of snow

Hi everyone!
it is true. We survived the minus degrees and the snow in Stockholm. However we didn´t take that many photos this time around. It was so cold, that I wore way too many layers to look cute anyway. ;-)

We did a fair lot of shopping - to our convenience we were located right in the middle of Södermalm which is THE vintage shopping district of Stockholm. This was sure an advantage to me. (Hence there will be more photos of the little treasures I hunted down, than of myself). We also went to some museums again and we got to see the frozen sea... Funnily whenever a ship passed through the ice pieces started to move like jelly. I think John filmed that so maybe there will be a short clip of that.... For the moment I present you a photo of me wrapped in 3000 layers of clothes standing at the frozen sea looking sort of... cold cause I actually was ;-)
We kept warm consuming lots of hot beverages, cake and shrimps...

I know that there are some ladies that wanna check out my bargains, so here we go... (Photographed in the green vintage suitcase that I picked up today)

It truely sucks when your favourite make up brand is only available in Sweden. However it is a good excuse to buy a damn lot of it when I´m there ;-)

A red dress & mexican mini-petticoat bought at "Beyound retro". The tiny tiny mexican hat and the Tiki statue are from a antique shop named "Loppmannen" located at Skeppars Karls Gränd close to the Royal castle.

I bought me a swedish book on vintage in order to learn more about interesting local designers from the past. It never hurts to learn something new. The magazine is again from "Loppmannen", the hat is a H & M bargain and I grabbed the little 60s repro dress at "Myrorna" for about 6 €.

I bought a politically uncorrect vintage coat at Beyound Retro. I wasn´t sure wether to buy it, as it has fur on it, but as it was reduced and John kept telling me how great it looks on me I took it (after all the animal providing the fur is long long dead). HOWEVER.... while I took notice there are cute little eskimos on it and ice-bears I didn´t really pay attention what the little Eskimos are actually doing.... Hunting little seals!!! I was really creeped out when I realised. I bet I will actually never wear it...

I also found a hat with a mourning veil at Emmaus Second Hand. John thinks it suits me, but he refuses to make me a widow so I could actually wear it.... ;-)

We were sort of frightened wether we would actually get back with our plane as many flights between Stockholm and Duesseldorf got delayed, however we were lucky and it went off in time and arrived early enough for us to catch the airport shuttle...

So now we are back. We arrived this morning between 1:30 and 2 and I was so tired I passed out almost immediately...

At last I will post a picture of John with some suspicious looking yellow ice-fountain in the background. We did a lot of speculations what the deal with the yellow ice is... I´ll leave you alone with phantasies of how the canalisation may have exploded or a giant that badly had to pee. We will never find out the truth anyway... It wasn´t us for the record.

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