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Freitag, 12. März 2010

Haute Couture? Fashion? Pret-a-porter? Whatever!

Hi everyone,

in a platform for photographers and models in which I hang out there was a discussion wether Haute Couture is actually good for anything as it isn´t wearable. I however have to speak up: There are many Haute Couture things that I wouldn´t wear in daily life (doesn´t mean that I don´t find it beautifull) and there are some that I would - if only I had the cash :-D I could go on forever on haute couture I would wear and ready to wear clothes I wouldn´t wear (those trousers that hang loose till your knees. eeeewww), but I stick to only two examples for today ;-)

Now I wouldn´t wear the suits of Galliano for Dior only with my panties underneath (possibly with shorts to stay true to the intention or capris or a nice pencil skirt), but I really would wear them! Heck, I love it all, not just the suits:

I found this Pret-a-porter Chanel Fashion Show and instantly loved it all! You know my love for anything sailor-themed!!! I salute you Herr Lagerfeld:

However the deal is I would wear anything from both shows without a second thought. I mean people allways stare at me anyway cause I dress different than most, so what? Possible there are also people that would gladly wear the wackiest of wackiest designs for daily life (And I don´t just think of Lady Gaga).

My Conclusion: Where is the line between Haute Couture and things that you can wear in daily life? It is in the eye of the beholder really! Fashion altogether is supposed to be fun and while the designers provide us with ideas and dreams it is up to us what we pick up what we like and what suits or figure and what doesn´t. Sometimes fashion just justifies something we wanna wear anyway and don´t dare doing that (underwear as outerwear! Finally I have a really good excuse for flashing my pretty bullet bras! Whoever was the first to get that idea - I wanna shake his hand!)

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