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Dienstag, 13. April 2010

Acessorize - with fries!

Hi everyone,

it can´t have escaped yor attention that the things I love totally include pretty vintage dresses and funny acessoires. Now I stumbled over this funny head-dress made of fabric fries, bows representing ketchup and majonaise in a plastic tray! It didn´t cost that much (14,20 € including shipping) and as it is a one of a kind item I bought it!

Now you will say: You looner. What the hell will you wear with that (damn cute, adorable thingie)! I have some things in mind. I do not own anything of it yet, but I hope someday I will own it all... A girl can dream!). My idea is that anything incorporating red, white and yellow should be fine with it. And yes, anything incorporation polka dots, too - I have a few polka dotted things that I will try around with.

Top 3 of Outfits I would totally combine it with.

Place 3 goes to Able Grables Wicked Lady dress in red!

I totally love the dress. The georgous 40s style and the lovely cleavage. I´m not sure wether I would take this red or the shade in "Hot stuff".

You can get it at http://www.ablegrable.com/

Place 2 goes to another Able Grable creation. The "Ready Hedy" in yellow.

I have this dress in black and it is one of the most comfy dresses I own. I think it would totally rock the fries!

And Place 1 of dresses to wear fries with (I know that´s a weird archievement) goes to Lucky Divas Picknick dress.
Pommes rot-weiß (That´s how we name Fries with Majonaise and ketchup in Germany) and a dress rot-weiß is a obvious choice. The details (red buttons, like the red buttons on the actual head-dress!) makes it totally perfect for it. It´ll look like both was made with the complimenting piece in mind!
You can get it at http://www.luckydiva.com/

However the devil is a squirell and so I have to wait and save for a while till I can go and start a total shopping frenzy and get ´em all... ;-) Btw: Did I manage to convince you that it is actually a fashionable and georgous idea to wear fries on your head?!

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