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Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Jolie... delayed to this weekend

Hi everyone,

in case you belong to those desperately browsing the newsstands for Jolie (I´m not kidding when I tell you that my Mom has been browsing at least 7 shops and counting, my boyfriend browsed every kiosk he passed by, my fathers side of the family bought the old one and got frustrated cause they couldn´t find me and I even got messages by people not related to me in any way that are disappointed cause they couldn´t find it) I can tell you... It is delayed to THIS SATURDAY the 10th of April due to eastern-holidays. FOR SURE! Like 100%!!! I mailed them to ask ;-)

At least we all have a training in how to go to a newsstand & browse it in the quickest possible way now :-D Keep calm, go buy it this Saturday AND keep your eyes open for the scans in my blog! (Make it the best sold Jolie issue ever - it is just 1,80 € for the pocket sized or 2,20 € for the big sized one - and tell them how much you love it! That could increase my chances to get booked again;-)


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