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Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Eyeliner Love

Hi everyone,

we all LOVE eyeliner. At least I guess my blog readers do and if not you may get to like it after this post :-D
Ever since egyptian women started to apply khol around their eyes women have been working hard to perfect their eyeliner-skills. Sometimes it is a daily struggle, just to keep the wings shaped symetrical and to get the line in the same thickness and a few milimeters can totally change the look. Sometimes we feel naked without it. Sometimes OTHERS consider us naked without it (Last year I had a shooting and did not put on eyeliner. I thouht it would be nice to have a photo without it for a change. The photographer looked at me and said "please put on the eyeliner. You are not yourself without it."). However after applying eyeliner for 6 years in a row I started to get bored with it - and started to dig for creative eyeliner ideas! Here I share them with you!

Dita - Undoubtly the queen of eyeliner!

New Look and excessive use of eyeliner. Dior is a fab clothing and make up inspiration every year!

Rules about eyeliner? There ARE no rules! And there´s never something as too much eyeliner as long as it goes well with the rest of the make up!



  1. I'm so glad you included Bild Lily! She's the original fashion doll. I wish I could use this much eyeliner for the 1950s doe-eyed look. However, my eyes are deep set. Black eyeliner just makes my eyes look smaller. Do you have any make-up advice?

  2. Hi Sweetie! Maybe this link is helpfull for you: http://www.eyestune.com/eye-shapes/deep-set-eyes-makeup.html

  3. Lovely! Now that I'm dabbling in burlesque, I actually care about things like makeup. Now if only I could figure out how to put on my false eyelashes.

  4. I always use a bobby pin to apply mine. I put glue on the lashes, put them to my eyes with my fingers and press them tight with the pins. To me it´s the easiest way. Either way, you just need a bit practice and it´ll work like magic :-D