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Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

A night with Evelyn AND Evelyn :-)

Hi everyone,

honestly yesterday started off verrrrry slow. I went to the post office to send outsome of the stuff that I sold via facebook and thought "That´s it. This was the special thing happening this day." I was wrong.

I really love Amanda Palmer and if you have never heard from her google for her. I follow her on twitter and by accident read that she does a ticket give away for her project Evelyn Evelyn (worlds first ever conjoined "twin sister" singer/musician/songwriter duo) that she produced with her partner in crime Jason Webley. I had been depressed as I couldn´t afford to go there, so I joined the twitter give away and.... WON A SPACE ON THE GUESTLIST. I got ready for it really quick and off I went to Cologne.

Not Only did I get to see Evelyn Evelyn, but also solo acts of Amanda, Jason and a guy named Sxip , who was amazing and acted as opening act and to present to Evelyn twins. And mixed acts with them together. I think it was going on for like 4 hours, but with a short intermission so people were able to buy merchanising, buy new drinks and visit the restrooms. I almost didn´t make it back to my seat in time cause it took so long to get a new coke.

So a damn boring day resulted in a kick ass concert and I even managed to snap a pic with Amanda, Jason and Amandas fiance the author Neil Gaiman. They all came across as very very nice people and very dedicated to their fans. I have a problem to approach people that I do not know personally. Those that know me in real life know that I can be very shy in some situations. But in that case I jumped over my shadow and more whispered than actually asked "Can I take a photo with you?". John was laughing about my photos when he saw them today, but hey, there were wayyyy more people in line waiting for stuff to be signed and to snap a photo, so I couldn´t pose around for hours for sure. I know I look horrible. But oh well, those are souveniers and no pics for my model portfolio. :-D

Me and Amanda Palmer. A fantastic creative woman with a lot of power. I love her solo record and her records from her Dresden Dolls years. You can feel that she absolutely loves what she does. Long live the Brechtian Punk Cabaret.

I have to admit that I haven´t checked out Jason Webleys music yet. But what I heard at the concert makes me curious for more and I will do that NOW. I have a feeling I won´t be disappointed. Actually he has such a power in his voice on stage that he did not really need a microphone.

Amandas fiance Neil Gaiman. Yes. The author. The very very well known writer. Most Facebook friends commented on that very pic today. :-D He was signing some books, but I didn´t have one with me :-( What I can really tell is that he had a very friendly and calm charisma standing there at the crowded tables and suddenly started taking notes into his little note book. Probably ideas for a new short story or a book?! When someone interupted him doing so to take a picture I felt like shouting "Noooooo!!!! Don´t interupt his peace!"

I shared a cab to the central station with a fan that had come all the way from Austria and I made it home in the middle of the night. If I had had to work today it wouldn´t have been possible. That´s the good side on having time to spare.

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