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Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

Between Saloon and chicken soup

Hi everyone,

it was very very exiting to be part of an actual music video shooting. That´s very very different than an tv interview for sure. I´m playing a waitress in a saloon where the brothers Brad and Chazz are about to perform. And I have a short speaking role. And as I´m only used to pose for photos I needed a few minutes to switch into a "less posing" mode in the beginning. But once the first scene was done it wasn´t a problem anymore.

So what´s that like? Well, I assumed that filming a scene takes a little longer than I might think. I did not consider that a scene has to be filmed from different views as well to make it more interesting. That´s why it took several hours to film a sequence that will be like 10 seconds long :-D And that was just the intro before the actual song began... We filmed until about 2 in the morning.

It was a very nice team and I was glad to meet again some of the girls that I already met and liked at the casting and some made photos so I guess there´ll be some behind the scenes photos that I´ll possibly share with you :-) The video is due to release in a month or so, so get ready for the cheesiest country music video you ever saw - and Iam just quoting the producers. ;-)

The downside is that while I was already having a cold it got remarkedly WORSE as I was not a good girl and stayed in bed all day. I just wanted to do this video so really really bad! So now I´m really miserable laying in my bed all day acompanied by chicken soup and a sexy nurse :-D

Here´s a little inofficial making off video that I did. It is scary how well "The Man with the Harmonica" goes with it :D

The music video itself is in post-production now and it´ll take a few weeks till it is done! :-)

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