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Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Whaaaz up???? One of my busiest weeks ever.

Hi everyone,

The past week was totally Veni, Vidi, Vici. I came, was seen and scored. Not the proper translation, but that´s how it goes :-D 3 days full of pleasant business!

Wednesday: I went to Mannheim to shoot for a ultra secret project. I can´t tell anything but that it´ll be awesome. With an awesome photographer, awesome models and for an awesome company. Wait till fall 2010 and we´ll totally blow you away!

Thursday: It was casting time! In a saloon in Dinslaken. I didn´t think I´d get the part I was auditioning for, especially since this was the first time EVER that I went to a casting but I made it! So tommorow we will shoot a music video with me in it and I even have a small speaking part (ok, technically just 3 sentences, but that´s damn good for a start). And the day after we will shoot for the Cd cover. It´s for the soundtrack of a German shortmovie and you can already find information about the movie over here: http://www.kurzfilmwestern.de/

Friday: Casting time again. This time around for a Model Agency in Düsseldorf. The scenesters that have to do with Vintage, pin ups and rockabilly anyway KNOW how to find me and where to find me. Any other company that has an interest in hiring someone for something retro doesn´t. Probably they don´t even know they want to hire me. So they need someone tha´t tells them :-D Or let´s say: NOW they do, cause I got a modelling contract. It is actually my second one, as I also recently got a contract from a agency in Berlin. In both cases Iam the first pin up and retro model they signed, so that´ll be interesting :-D

I just saw the cover of the new issue of Fräuleinwunder Magazine (the one with me in it) and as it is so damn cute I share it with you!!!

At the moment I can´t tell wether I´ll go to Kustom Kulture in Bottrop as Iam having a bad bad cold. I try to recover, but my schedule for this week is just as busy as the one last week (where´s all that stuff suddenly coming from? I have no clue!). It´ll totally depend on my health condition and the weather!

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  1. Gute Besserung!!
    Wär total schön wenn du kommen könntest - ruf mal an, wenn du eine Mitfahrgelegenheit brauchst! Zoe kränkelt zwar auch, aber sie wird hoffentlich trotzdem in Bottrop sein! x